1000+ HP Powerstroke vs N20 BBC Camaro & C10 + Focus RS, Turbo Civic, TVS Cobra!

During an entertaining night of street racing, you never know what’s going to happen. When all kinds of bass cars come out and want to prove themselves, you can end up getting some pretty good matchups that are better evenly matched and diverse. This time, we check out a whole collection of different cars and trucks as they go up one another, all with the same goal, getting off of line first thing getting down to the flashlight that indicates where the finish line is. On tonight like this, nothing other than victory will suffice.

In this one, we start off by checking out a power stroke powered for that love should be pretty darn fast. With over 1000 hp, even with all of that weight on board, this truck will be a handful to deal with.

However, it looks like the driver is a little bit throttle happy as he jumps on several opponents before trucking the finish line. I might not be any kind of professional here, but it looks like even without the jump, the truck might have had enough in it to compete with every single car out there, even the ones that are targeted more toward dragracing.


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