$10,000 For A Car Wash ? Watch Why This Guy Charges That Much Just To Clean Your Car!

I don’t know how many cars this guy washes a year but he makes a lot of cash taking $10,000 each car to be cleaned – Unbelievable but true!

$10,000 For A Car Wash? Watch Why This Guy Charges That Much Just To Clean Your Car!How many time a month do you wash your car? You clean it by yourself or you spend $10 for other people to clean it…or you wait for the rain to do this job lol.Today we brought to you something that will leave you with mouth open for all the day.Yeah, I’m serious.We brought you a video from a guy that owns a car wash.Until now everything seems normal but what if I say that he charges $10,000 for a single car wash.Don’t be surprised because this guy will explain everything about why he charges that much for a single car wash.Anyway, after everything, he says I will never take my car into his work shop because my car value is just $4,000 and it’s not worth it paying double of that amount for a single wash.

I think this is all about for those guys that are so rich they don’t know where their money are.For those guys that have a full collection of hyper cars sitting in their garage waiting for someone to remember it exists.For those car collectors that cannot take their rare car into a random car wash because they can take its paint off.So to be more specified, that car wash is not for me and for many of you reading this article.This young guy will explain everything why he charges so much money for a clean and I think he has right to take that much cash because he treats your car like his girlfriend, or better.

When he was younger he started cleaning car for just $1 but now he has the award of the most expensive car wash in the world.The wax alone he uses costs a cool £8,200 a tub.Check out the video below and see what he really does to your car if you take it to his place.Enjoy!




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