1200HP Twin Turbo Diesel Rat Rod Burnouts (Old Smokey F1)

In a sea of machines that struggle to differentiate themselves from the next vehicle over, every once in a while, there’s a build that is completely different from the group, punching its way almost into a class of its own that really makes it something that’s a blast to look at and watch when it becomes poetry in motion. In this one, we get the chance to check out a truck that combines the best of several worlds, throwing a little bit of a twist into an old school pickup truck by combining it with a newer diesel engine and an attitude that any generation is bound to love.

With this sort of machine, you really don’t know where to start looking. Sure, the face of it all is an incredibly clean Ford F-series pickup that could stop a show all its own. However, when you peek under the hood, there is even more to love as a turbocharged Cummins that is capable of cranking out 1200 hp really puts the show on the road. Not only is this truck a show piece, but it also has a bite to back up all the bark brought to the table by its aggressive appearance thanks to a whole collection of styling cues that do the job just right.

With a lot of machines that look this good, you may find people building them and simply taking them around the car shows to showcase their work without beating on them too hard. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with this style of car ownership, however, we have to admit that we absolutely love it when people put their machines to work. This time, follow along with the latest episode of Daily Transmission as “Old Smokey,” the incredible F1, roasts some tires to show off its wares!



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