1960 Peterbilt Hotrod Truck Named: “Pi$$’d Off Pete”! This Thing Will Blow Your MIND! INSANE!

We have been amazed by Peterbilt Trucks many times before! Right now, stand in line to be impressed by a 1960 Peterbilt Hot Rod Truck that has a really funny name! It is called “Pi$$`d Off Pete”! And Pete is definitely Pi$$`d off if we take into consideration its motor work and the noise it produces! The truck was seen at the SEMA 2009 event where it attracted lot of attention from the crowd that was cheering and taking videos and pictures of this Peterbilt Hot Rod!

This piece of gear art is truly stunning, built from a 1960 Peterbilt semi-truck. With a 12v71 Detroit diesel engine, and each cylinder being 71 cubic inches, and 2 superchargers, the engine makes 1200 foot-pounds of torque and it has 474 HP at 2150 RPM.

Now that is a beast, an actual beast, I mean, seriously, listen to those “roars”, if you heard it, you can identify that as a rev of a beast, a 1960 Peterbilt style beast. The man revving that monster looks so happy, and honestly, all of us would, and if you were to actually look at the front of it, it does look like an angry guy. And yes, the way it treats its victims is no better! Better watch out if you taught of messing with this one!
This thing might eat you if you aren`t careful around it, or you might go deaf, as this things rev hits around 140 dB. This thing will blow your mind (or your ears)

So, hesitate no more. Check out this incredible 1960 Peterbilt Hotrod Truck Named: “Pi$$’d Off Pete”! I’m sure you and your friends will be stunned how this truck looks and sounds! And Yes, This Thing Will Blow Your MIND! Share your thoughts with us!



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