1966 Ford F-100 Is Still the Best

’60s Ford trucks have an air of class about them. Perfect body lines conceal a truly revolutionary vehicle of its time. The famous twin I-beam suspension bowed midway through the decade, a design so good that it’s still in use in some vehicles to this day. That’s over a half century later!

This 1966 Ford F-100 is the perfect example of why the popularity of these classic trucks grown over time. You can look inside, outside, and underneath this beauty and quickly realize that it’s received a high quality restoration.

The current owner truly brought this old Ford back to its former glory. And then some!

The 352 and 3-speed manual transmission have been rebuilt. Besides that, it’s worth nothing this truck features original power steering and brakes. The interior, like the rest of the truck, is simply stunning.

Ford doesn’t currently build trucks today as they did in the ’60s, but that’s understandable. Rest assured, this is about as close to a “new” 1966 Ford F-100 as you’ll ever see. It’s also a perfect reminder that these venerable trucks will never go out of style, or be outclassed by anything else on the road!



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