This 1977 F-150 Is Just Stayin’ Alive!

The disco era is a time that most folks would probably prefer to forget. At least the musical and fashion choices that were so popular back then. The trucks that Ford was making during the late ’70s, however, are something that no one wants to forget. Actually, quite the opposite.

This 1977 F-150 is a nod to that era, right down to the interesting orange stripes. The fact that it’s an F-150 and not an F-100 is also interesting, since you don’t see a lot of “heavy half tons.” Especially from around from that era, and after it was introduced in 1975.

This particular 1977 is a nicely optioned truck as well. Four-wheel drive, 400 big block V8, Ranger trim, 3-speed automatic, power steering, and front disc brakes is as good as it gets. Some mods have been added, including an Edelbrock carb, intake manifold, and a dual exhaust.

The big Ford rolls on a set of newer F-150 wheels, with BF Goodrich All-Terrains that give it a nice stance. Inside, you’ll find diamond stitched cloth on the seat, headliner, and visors. Everything else is stock, save for a Hurst shifter on the floor.

Mixing ’70s style with a classic Ford is a dangerous idea, but this 1977 F150 pulls it off flawlesslyWhether you’re a fan of the disco era or not, you can’t deny that it’s a good thing this truck is “Stayin’ Alive.”



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