2018 Ram 2500 Takes On A GMC Sierra HD And Late-Model Chevy Silverado HD

The Fast Lane Truck, the truck-centric spin-off of The Fast Lane’s channel, is a great source for all things truck. They do everything from in-depth reviews to impromptu drag races, and always have a good time no matter what they’re doing. Today they’re drag racing, and the trio of trucks they’ve come up with, while seemingly random and drastically different from each other, actually make for some really close racing.

The first truck we get a look at is Andre’s Duramax diesel-powered Silverado. A 2002 model, Andre’s pickup proudly rocks the first gen D-Max, which is by far the lowest powered engine of the group. However, the older model truck is also considerably lighter – 800 pounds lighter, in fact – which will help offset the horsepower difference.

Andre lines up first with the new Sierra driven by Roman, who of course has to show up with the newest, fully-loadedest truck on the block. This Duramax is the latest iteration of GM’s diesel powerplant and cranks out nearly 1,000 ft/lbs of torque, almost doubling that of the older Silverado. However, as mentioned, it also weighs in almost 1,000 pounds heavier, so those differences should offset each other, at least to some degree.


When they drop the hammer, Roman spins a tad and Andre pulls out to a bit of a lead. However, the Sierra spools up and manages to drive around the Silverado and take the win by about a truck length.

Up next, Nathan rolls to the line in his Cummins diesel-powered Dodge Ram, a truck that matches up fairly evenly with the Sierra as far as specs go. The flagger drops his arms and the trucks hustle toward the finish line, where Roman is once again ahead by about a truck length.

This, of course, means that Nathan and Andre have to line up to see which of the second-place trucks is quicker. Another arm drop, another close race, this one the closest of the day. By less than a half a truck length, Nathan just noses out Andre to put the Ram into second place on the day behind the Sierra.


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