This Is A $21K 1st Class Airplane Seat – No Joke!

Only two thoughts will pop into your head when you watch this stunning video about some funny dude flying in an Emirates Airlines $21,000 first class airplane seat from Dubai in the Middle East to New York City: 1. WOW and 2. My wife will never let me pay $21k for a single flight.

Yeah, that is sad. But, this video is awesome as it shows how the very rich travel in the very same airplanes we get stuffed into. It turns out that when you fly first class on an Emirates Airlines flight, you get a large seat that folds out into a bed that is fitted into a spacious area that has its own doors and walls to separate it from your fellow first class passengers.

You also get pajamas, access to a shower tall enough to stand up in, a bar, and all of the meals and booze you could ever hope to have.   



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