This 260-HP Honda Del Sol Has The Coolest Power Hardtop America Never Got

With the impressive power output and the JDM ‘TransTop’ folding roof grafted on, well, this Del Sol in this episode of The Smoking Tire is one we have mad respect for.

The Honda Del Sol isn’t the car that is ever particularly moved me. Its rounded, cutesy aesthetic is the world away from the boxy CR-X it effectively replaced, but what we are looking at here is no ordinary Del Sol.

With the rebuilt B-series Honda inline-four hooked up to the Garrett turbocharger, its good for 260 horsepower. The suspension has been given the track-friendly makeover, and the TransTop folding roof from the JDM Del Sol has been grafted on.

The roof adds quite the bit of weight (although its installment helps weigh distribution, according to this owner), but who cares when it looks so cool doing its thing? It is enough to say this 260-HP Honda Del Sol has the coolest power hardtop America never got.



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