3 Stick Shifting in the Kenworth W900L

Is this trucker just being a showoff with his 3 stick sifting skills??

Truck driving, years ago, was not as easy as it is now with all the new technology coming out every day. If you want to know what it was like to drive a Kenworth W900L truck back in the day, here’s how they did it. The truck is setup with 3 sticks, one for each function. One for the gear, one for the splitter, and one for hi/low range. Now days, everyone is switching over to automatic transmissions, because it’s easier for drivers to learn and there is less reliability on the trucking companies.

I doubt there are very many truck drivers left that know how to drive a truck with a 3 stick shifting transmission. One thing is for sure, it takes a badass driver to drive one of these Kenworth W900L with 3 stick shifting. Some might say that the 3 stick shifting in this video is pointless and that the driver is just showing off, but you have to give the man respect because it is definitely not an easy thing to learn, let alone be this good at.

The truck driver in this video probably has had years and years of experience driving the Kenworth W900L, and possibly other 3 stick shifting big rigs, which explains why he is so smooth and fluent with his shifting. One thing that you really can’t deny is that this driver has a lot of talent. We have a lot of respect for this truck driver and we give him mad props!

If you, or anyone that you know, has experience with driving the Kenworth W900L or any other big rigs with 3 stick shifting, please leave a comment below and tell us what you or they drove/drive, and for how long. We’d love to hear from you.


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