The 3000HP Hustler Tears Up The Dirt!

This thing looks like a freakin’ BLAST! Rides like this really make us want to load up and head to the mud bog so we can see badass rides like this in person! Tulsa Raceway Park – yes, the same facility that hosts awesome drag races all season long – also has a mud bog that brings out some of the most ridiculous trucks you’ll ever see, including this blown beast! Cranking out around 3,000 horsepower, this alcohol-fed truck is no joke and the owner – New Mexico native Jesse Gulas – knows how to drive the wheels off of it too! The truck came to Tulsa and showed out immediately, setting a new track record of 2.534 seconds across the bog. The drivetrain is a pretty basic, but beefy setup with a slipper clutch sending all three thousand ponies out to the rear wheels via a Moser M9 rear to the paddle tires that dig their way into the mud and dirt.

With more horsepower than pounds, this truck has one of the more incredible power/weight ratios we’ve ever seen, and when Jesse romps on the loud pedal, it becomes immediately clear just what that means. This truck clicked off the mud bog track record with the front tires in the air and had the front end come way up in the air on its first run at the dirt drag strip. However, on the second pass, the wheelie bar did it’s job and kept the nose down, allowing Gulas to streak to a wicked 2.434 elapsed time that send the announcer into hyper drive.

Hopefully we are able to make our way to Tulsa soon to check out some of their awesome events, and we hope they have something going on at the drag strip and the mud bog/dirt drags when we’re there, because we want to see everything this awesome facility has to offer. Plus we’d love to see Jesse and The Hustler doing their thing in the mud and dirt too!



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