This 300HP V8 Chainsaw Cuts a 30 Inch Log Like a Piece Of Butter – The Predator

Predator the ultimate Chainsaw for Massacre.

Hi, Everybody! Today we will speak about the Predator. No, this is not about that beast from an old movie. This is a much more interesting device than bionic beast from out of space. Our “Predator” is powered by a V8 engine with 300 horsepower!

And, it holds the World record for cutting a 30-inch log! Don`t get it what is all about? Guys, this is about the Chainsaw! Yeah, V8, 300 Horsepower Chainsaw! It outputs speed of the Chain 200Mph.

Now just think about it. A chainsaw has more power than your car! I drive 3.0 V6, and it is charged with 177 horsepower. If someone would decide to chase me on that chainsaw, he will overtake me easily. Of course , it is operated by two persons because it`s impossible for single to hold it.



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