360 Degree Truck Barrel Roll is Glorious

It’s fair to say that you shouldn’t try this at home.

If you’re not a professional stunt driver, then performing any short of high-risk stunt is not something you should be trying, unless you have a death wish. In other words, just leave it to the professionals. One such case is this: the first ever 360 degree barrel roll in a four-wheel vehicle.

This crazy, death-defying stunt was performed by Adrian “Wildman” Cenni in Ensenada, Mexico just a few days ago at the SCORE-International Baja 1000.

Being able to pull something like this offer clearly wasn’t easy.Therefore it was necessary to have cameras posted at numerous angles to capture the whole spectacle.

Call it physics or good luck, but this guy must be totally thrilled for what he just pulled off. Just think: he did a full circle in mid-air with a big, customized truck. That’s just completely awesome. Hat tip to Brycejurgy




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