5 SUVS That Would Make Awesome Pickup Trucks

These will never be built, but we like to dream.

One of our favorite things to do is imagine different versions of cars that manufacturers would never have the guts to build. We recently recommended that Volkswagen bring back some variant of the Rabbit Pickup, which is extremely unlikely. Also unlikely is Audi turning the Q7 into a pickup truck, although now that Mercedes is building a pickup truck, we wouldn’t rule it out. We wondered what other SUVs would look cool as pickup trucks. All of these renderings come from Theophiluschin who can make any dream into a reality.

One of our most outrageous choices is the Bentley Bentayga. It was already enough of a stretch for Bentley to make an SUV, and we highly doubt that the company would ever venture into a market that is as “blue collar” as the pickup truck segment.

Still, the Bentayga pickup rending does look intriguing. We also included an absolutely insane 6X6 version, which is the work of Newport Convertible Engineering, a company which specializes in turning cars into convertibles and armored vehicles. Not only do we love the 6X6 rendering, you can actually pay Newport to do this conversion for you. Although we bet it will cost a fortune.

Amazingly, our next choice is not completely out of the realm of possibility. Tesla has expressed interest in building a pickup truck, and this is what that would look like if it was based on the Model X SUV. A Tesla pickup truck would be interesting because an electric vehicle can’t do a lot of the things that pickup truck owners need.

Going off-road would be a struggle, and EVs can’t really do towing either. It seems like an odd choice for Tesla to build a truck, but this is one that could actually happen. We do like the prospect of a P100D model that can hit 60 mph in less than three seconds. This would easily be the fastest pickup on the market. Although we doubt the falcon doors would make it.


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