6 Crazy Scary Ford Monster Trucks

1. River Monster



This monster truck was a hero back in April of 2016. During a flood in Texas, Cole Geeo, owner of the Ford, took it upon himself to hop in his pickup and rescue his neighbors. Proof that this monster is merely misunderstood.

2. Mud Monster


This Ford F-550’s owner took his monster truck mud bogging at Stampers Mud Bog. This thing ran through the mud like a creature ready to attack its victim. This mud monster was certainly on a mission to get down and dirty. Check out the video of the Ford in action.


3. Bigfoot Monster 


This Ford monster truck is called Bigfoot 5, so, as you guessed it, there are more versions of it. Bob Chandler, responsible for the Bigfoot, began his work in the ’70s when he tried to make his Ford F-250 better in order to survive the trails he drove it on. Bigfoot 5 was given taller wheels and even got recognition in the Guinness Book of Records in 2002.


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