6 Worst Truck Mods You Want To Stay Away From!

There’s a whole industry out there of aftermarket accessories just for pickup trucks and I would be willing to guess without googling that it’s at least a “Hundreds of millions of dollars a year” market. However, just because they make it doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea. This video takes a good look at some of the less-desirable mods that a lot of people still do.

The first one, we can’t agree more with. Truck Nuts just might be the worst idea ever in the history of bad accessories. Not only do they serve no practical purpose, they’re just downright gross. I don’t want my nine year old daughter to look at a truck and say “Dad, what are those?” and look down to find her pointing to a pair of metal or plastic balls. At least the next item on the list serves a purpose.

Truck bed nets that replace the tailgate may or may not help with efficiency, but they do sometimes work to hold things in the bed that wouldn’t fit inside the confines of the rigid tailgate. As such, they can increase the bed’s capacity while maintaining some control over the cargo. However, if you’re not rocking the PreRunner look, it’s better to just stick with the stock tailgate.


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