7 Craziest Macho Machines On The Planet Will Leave U In Awe!

Trust me… These are the seven most incredible machines you have most likely never seen. But, thank goodness, you can finally get your eyes on these insane machines by simply clicking play.

The Bucket Wheel Excavator Bagger 293 is so friggin’ large it reminds me of an ocean liner on land and is the biggest land-bound machine ever made, while NASA’s Space Shuttle Crawler Transporter is the slow moving tracked vehicle that moved the space shuttle to the launch pad which it did successfully for decades until the United States stopped the shuttle program.

And the other five machines are just as incredible and impressive as were the first two. The final five are the L-2350 Loader, the world’s largest tunnel boring machine, the Bloodhound SSC, the Ka-52 Russian helicopter, and the XCMG XGC88000 Crawler Crane.



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