This ’70 Dodge Charger Is Pure Evil

Do you know what fear is? Fear, when you see something monstrous, aggressive, and ready to tear you in small pieces? You fell this when you`re driving your Prius, and see in the rearview mirror that 1970 Dodge Charger is coming from behind! Want to see pure Evil – watch this Dodge. I am confident, that, when Satan is coming out from Hell, He takes this Muscle Car to ride. On the road this car is Dominant Aggressor.

7.2L V8 engine, true metal body: isn`t this a brutal, masculine car? You know, folks, every car gives you its flow, some cars give you Sport Driving flow, some cars can give you the feeling of being the “Top of the list, King of the Hill”. Charger gives you a feeling, that you have balls of steel, a machine gun on the backseat, two dead bodies in the trunk and a bag with a million bucks right next to you.

You are the one, who decides where to go, and what to do, because you drive 1970 ram-car. This is the essence of the Muscle Car. RWD, rear axle suspension, loud exhaust, as well as loud engine. It`s not a joke, it`s 7.2, buddy! Even the body itself is built to be not an athletic beach boy, but to be a rough muscle thug from the hood, add to this „electric shaver” radiator grille, which is covering headlamps. Actually, Charger gave birth to Muscle Cars.



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