’80s Ads Show Ford’s Silly Side (Video)

Vintage Eighties Ford truck commercials will make you long for the days of Rubik’s Cube, hair metal and ‘Bigfoot’

Let’s face it, TV ads just aren’t what they used to be. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at these awesomely hilarious vintage Ford Truck commercials from the ’80s. They tout the toughness of both the Ford Ranger and the F-150 over and over again. And over again…Catch our drift?

When the Ranger hit the market, Ford was determined to show that it was just as tough and capable as its big brother. And that’s exactly what this series of ads focused on.

After watching the Ranger climb a hill of rocks, we’re treated to something special! Both the Ranger and the Ford F-150 plow through a muddy field after watching the legendary Bigfoot monster truck do it. How cool is that?



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