This Is How a 86-Wheeler Truck Takes a U-Turn!

86 wheeler U-turn

Australia is not only the Motherland of Kangaroos, and other weird creatures, but also it is a Motherland of huge Road trains.Ever wondered how a 86 wheeler takes a U-turn?

Roads in the Outback are long and straight – perfect for long trucks.There is railroad connection in the Australia, that`s why goods and materials are transported on the truck with a couple of trailers joint together. In any other country they cannot be used, just because of curved roads. But in Australia thousands of kilometers straight roads make this transport just perfect. We already discussed about longest truck in the World, operated be Australian Mining Company. And this 110 wheel truck is impressive.

However, like any transport those machines must do maneuvers. Any driver understands that to move this backwards is kind of special operation, because trailer must be perfectly straight, that is nearly impossible with such a length. But what about U turn?Look at this 86 wheel truck, how he makes a U turn. I bet driver is quite stressed, when he does such kind of maneuvers. Moreover, there are a lot of jerks on the road, who may hit one of the trailers. A huge place is required for such maneuvers, because every trailer has his own trajectory of movement.



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