9 Common Problems With 7.3 Power Stroke Diesel Engines, And How You Can Fix Them

7.3 Power Stroke Diesel Common Problem #3 

Cam Position Sensor (CMP). Can cause the engine to cut out and eventually die. Making it not start until it sits or is reset on the batteries. An easy way to make sure yours is good; on the Old Body Style (OBS), check if your tachometer moves while cranking, if it does your CMP is good, If not replace. Cost $24-$70. Don’t buy the generic sensors from any parts store, get an OEM Cam Position Sensor, part number F7TZ-12K073-B, because some aftermarket CMPs can be defective out of the box. Keep known good a spare in your glove box.

7.3 Power Stroke Diesel Common Problem #4

Under Valve Cover Harness (UVCH) Connectors, when these come loose or get shorted they can cause rough running conditions to the point where the truck sounds like it has 17* timing and it lopes bad and will often die and sputter. An easy way to fix this or check for it, there are four connectors on your block / heads that are under the valve covers unplug them and check for cut wires, loose or burnt connectors, if they are burnt or damaged, replace them. It’s a simple fix. The entire valve cover gasket kit with connectors, part number F81Z-6584-AA, can be replaced for $100 or less.

7.3 Power Stroke Diesel Common Problem #5 

Clogged fuel filter. A restricted fuel filter will often cause long cranking or a semi-loss of power, if the injectors can’t get the fuel they need. Replace fuel filter. Part number F81Z-9N184-AA. Replacement cost $9-$30.



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