Alien first contact could ‘trigger GLOBAL WAR’…and CHINA might get there first

OUR first contact with aliens could trigger a global war and China will beat the west to the punch, an expert has warned.


Mankind’s discovery that we are not alone in the universe could lead to the Earth becoming divided and descending into conflict, predicted Chinese writer Liu Cixin.

He said: “We have fallen into conflicts over things that are much easier to solve.”

The expert also said China might be the first one to make contact thanks to the world’s largest radio dish.It can detect signals from the deepest depths of space, and is a called the Aperture Spherical Telescope.

Mr Cixin, is one of China’s leading science fiction writers, and considered such an authority on the search for alien life he has been invited to visit the site, reports SCMP.


Speaking of what first contact might be like, the expert warned we should not give out details of human history.

He predicted alien species watching mankind might consider us a threat due to our warlike nation.

Mr Cixin said: “[Human history] is very dark. it might make us appear more threatening.”

And he warned contact with alien life will spark conflict, and possibly global war.

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