Aussie Catches Someone Trying to Steal his Truck, Plays Along in Heartwarming Twist

If you were inside of some sort of establishment and looked out the window to see somebody behind the wheel attempting to steal your vehicle, it more likely than not would become a hostile situation. No matter what the circumstances, I know that there are many people who would just rush out there in a fit of rage and do whatever they could to make sure that their car truck didn’t get taken away. There’s nothing wrong with this, as that would be a completely normal reaction in a situation like this, however, when this man saw somebody behind the wheel of his truck who he didn’t know, he took a minute to assess the situation and handle it in the most appropriate way that we could think of.

He records the entire interaction as the man leaves the restaurant and walks up to his truck, finding somebody behind the wheel who might’ve just been a little bit confused. The young man who looks more innocent than malicious was attempting to turn on the truck, when the owner told him that, if he could  figure out how to turn the truck on he could have it, giving this young man who obviously was at a bit of a mental disability a chance to thrive in some sort of a social situation, no matter how offbeat the situation might seem.

Follow along in the video below that is just so relaxed that it might take someone who lives here in America a little bit off guard! I’m not sure what it is but there’s just something about this interaction that found a way to make us happy. After getting a load of this video for yourself, be sure to tell what you think of this interaction. Hopefully, in a world where everyone has an issue with just about everything, this one will make you smile.



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