That Is a Bad Day At Work… Mailman Gets Flung Out of His Truck


Every once in a while, when you go into work, you might find that things aren’t quite going your way. Don’t worry, though, because everybody has a bad day here and there when life doesn’t really seem to fall into line the way that it should. Just remember that tomorrow is another day and, after all, things could be a lot worse. I mean, you could’ve maybe gotten injured or ended up without a job at all. That could be perhaps the situation for this mailman, though, as he got caught up in a pretty ugly situation and it might not even necessarily have been something that he was doing wrong but instead a freak accident.

Whatever happened to you at work today, I can almost guarantee that it’s not as big of a deal as this as this post worker is really going to have some explaining to do and probably isn’t feeling too great about what just happened in his line of work.

It look like the mailman was just putting along, minding his own business and dropping off letters to where they needed to be, when all of a sudden, he would suddenly find himself swerving in the mail truck which would then throw the driver out of the open door that had been ajar so they could put the parcels in the mailboxes.

From there, the truck would run loose, running over someone’s front yard going so far as destroying some landscaping. It was all captured on the neighbor’s security camera and you really can’t help but feel bad for the guy as the truck goes on quite a wild ride on its way to giving the driver something awkward to explain to his boss. Hopefully, the driver didn’t get too banged up in the incident and we’re praying that he would be able to retain his job because it looks like a pretty innocent accident from where we’re sitting!


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