Bada$$ Off Road Truck DOMINATES A Vertical Wall! WTF?!?

Off road vehicles are some of the most ruthless and entertaining vehicles to watch in action! The men and women behind the wheel often love to push their limits and see how far they can go. However, it is not often that we see a modified off road pickup truck attempt the adrenaline filled action that you are about to watch in this video.

The truck goes head to head with a vertical wall that frew other drivers would attempt to dominate. However, this driver fears nothing and goes full throttle against the wall and attempts to climb it like a champ. We are not sure if it is the can do attitude of the driver or the raw power and traction of the tires, but this truck is able to make it up the wall and makes it look effortless!

To witness the mind blowing wall climb click the video below!



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