Have you Balanced 12,000 Pounds Lately? Grave Digger’s Tyler Menninga Has!

If you want to take the action to the monster truck course, one of the most common names that pretty much everyone who knows monster trucks has heard of is “Grave Digger.” By continually pushing the limits of what is possible on four wheels, the machine and driver combo has really put together quite the reputation over the years and has had fans coming back. Each and every time, we find our jaws dropping to the floor when we see exactly what Grave Digger is thinking of doing next. This time, the display is no different as it wows us again!

In this one, we’re able to check in with yet another Grave Digger display that will make you show all of your friends what the superstar has been up to. No, isn’t necessarily going vertical this time or trying for some sort of impressive backflip, but what he’s doing takes a handful of precision and will impress you all the same. Now, precision and monster trucks aren’t necessarily two concepts that always go together that well but that’s what makes this one all that much better as Tyler Menninga decides to do a little bit of a balancing act in the behemoth.

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