Ballsy Man Drives His SUV Into Lecanvey Beach To Launch His Boat!

Usually when people take their boats out onto the water they make sure to find a boat ramp to launch off of. However, there are certain places that do not provide a means to launch the boat and in those moments people have to get creative. In this video we meet one man who definitely found a way around not having a boat ramp and simply drove his all terrain SUV into Lecanvey beach to launch his boat!

The car handles the watery terrain like a boss and with no fear of getting stuck in the water! In a matter of minutes the driver launches his boat and drives out of the water! This is a wildly impressive display of making the best out of a crappy situation!

Do you think you could risk your car like this? Comment below and make sure to check out the insanity by clicking the video below!



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