BendPak Hydraulic Lift Is Something Everyone Needs Home – This Is Why!

DIY Hydraulic Lift – Once You Try One Of Them,You’ll Order A BendPack For Yourself!

BendPak Hydraulic Lift Is Something Everyone Needs Home – This Is Why!
I don’t really know how secure this thing is but since it can lift a Dodge Challenger SRT8 without any problem I think it’s good enough – BendPack Hydraulic Lift!

Hi Folks! How many of “hidden” mechanics do we have in our website? When I say “hidden” I mean those guys who knows how to fix minor problems their car might have but still he has to take it in a real mechanic because he has not the right tools.For example a lift that will help him taking a clear view from under his car.BendPack has thought about this problem and they invented this amazing hydraulic lift.What it can do? You’ll find everything you need in the video we brought for you today!

First we were not sure how good this tool was but watching it lifting probably the haviest muscle car on the market nowaday makes us believe that this will complete our set of tools home.If you watch the video to the end,at the 5:19 minute a scary sound will make you believe that something bad gonna happen.Personally I was waiting for the Dodge falling down but it was just a sms arriving in the filming smartphone,lol! Check out this amazing hydraulic lift in action and don’t forget us leaving your first impressions by commenting it in our page.Share it with your friends and enjoy!


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