Best of Tractors vs Cars Tug of War

One thing we love about the internet is the fact that there’s a little bit of something out there for everybody. While this applies to all kinds of subjects, it’s especially true for those of us in the automotive world ,where anything you can think of is usually no more than a Google search away.

This video we found today is one of the most unusual we’ve ever seen, featuring a full seven minutes of SUV’s tied to tractors competing in tug-of-wars.

And surprisingly, they don’t always go the tractor’s way. I grew up assuming the only thing that could beat a tractor in a tug of war is a bigger tractor, however, some of these SUV’s prove that to be dead wrong.

In fact, right off the bat, a pretty nondescript looking Porsche SUV easily drags a shmedium sized tractor right on down the road as if it was nothing.


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