The Biggest Mud Truck Parade Ever Captured On Tape!

Mud trucks are getting more popular with each passing day, and it’s no wonder why. These lumbering behemoths may not be able to reach mind-bending speeds or triumph in a drag race anytime soon, but they are more than capable of defeating any rough terrain that stands in their path.

This huge mud truck gathering you’re about to see comes from Brick’s Off Road Park, a place highly coveted among off road enthusiasts as one of the premier destinations for wild muddy challenges.

One year after another, these muddy waters gather a large number of vehicles, but this year, the crowd had a chance to check out some truly epic creations! From party rigs to huge mud trucks, everything was on display during this epic parade. Because of the terrain, which is suitable to make a loop, the audience had a chance to check out every single ride from all angles.

In case you weren’t there, and you’re interested in checking out a piece of the action, click on the video below and start your journey!



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