Bikers vs Hillbillies

This one is definitely something like a scene out of a movie if we have ever seen one. You know how things go out on the roadways, when one person cuts another person often then their ego gets in the way of the smart decision to make, you have an explosion like this.

Most of the time, it isn’t as severe but this time, it just so happens to explode as a talk about driving habits completely blew up when this biker felt like he was cut off and decided to confront the driver of the truck about it. I’m not sure what ever happened to using your words to get to the bottom of something but that doesn’t really seem to be any sort of solution that these people have in mind.

This one does start out with people yelling back and forth with the guy in the truck saying that he’s a biker and understands how they like to ride safely but the guys on the bikes don’t seem to be having it and when one thing leads to another, someone gets thrown to the ground, a gun gets pulled out, and a rather large gentleman rolls into the scene threatening to kill people.

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