Building a V8 Engine – Time Lapse VIDEO

Restored V8.

Legends are passing in other better World, rusting on the junkyards.

We are speaking about legendary cars, which built America, or set the American lifestyle. Those cars have soul, despite of modern cars. They are fighting with their slow death. Some of them are used, like barns, some of them are under the press, or soon will go under the press. Imagine any modern car, which can stay in the junkyard couple of decades, and after that it will look that awesome, like old buddies.

I suppose after 10 years there will be nothing to restore, because very unreliable materials are used. Only few exemplars of all those treasure are going to restoration workshops. This 1946 Ford Truck is one of the lucky guys, which are restored, and restored by very serious professionals. What do we need for any car, to move it? Of course the engine! Guys started restoration from the engine.

Firs they unmounted the engine from the truck. What was next – makes proud every single mechanic proud or his profession. The motor is in terrible condition. Pistons have huge layer or chark. This engine requires very serious restoration. The engine is totally disassembled, until every single lug nut. Actually we need to reach the block, that must be restored either.

After professional paint work block is coming back to the workshop, and here the magic starts. Block is assembled, all parts are mounted. Now mechanics are placing the engine under the hood, and Voila, engine is started and this means, that this particular 1946 truck will run very long time, because there were used only best materials. Classic cars are very reliable. Even if this particular model will be a hot rod, this car, this body will have another history and another life.

Don`t be afraid of difficulties, accept the challenge and restore a classic ar from the scratch



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