Can You Really Cook Meat With Your Car Exhaust? You Must See The Results When This Guy Tried!

An old Lifehack – cook dishes on your engine.

Since appearing of the first internal combustion engine lifehackers tried to use his temperature for cooking something. It is quite handy, when you come home, and have some hot food under the hood. Actually, any professional driver knows these features; even I use this trick in winter. When I come to the office, I place my meal box under the hood and get the warm lunch. Of course I can cook a dinner when I`m going home, gathering all possible traffic jams.

My grandfather was a boy when World War II started, and he was living in USSR on Don River. This is a place, which was supplying wheat to whole Soviet Union. Because he was too young to go on Battlefields, he was working in his village, cultivating fields with Tractor. Because of War, there was a serious difficulty with provision, and population was starving.



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