Car Attempts High-Risk Pass Around 150,000 Pound Big Rig

According to truck driver Rusty Deckard, the incident took place on Seward Highway in Anchorage, Alaska, while he was loaded with 13,000 gallons of fuel.

In the clip, the car is seen crossing into oncoming traffic, narrowly missing four vehicles, as he tries to pass the truck. Amazingly, after a very long 3-seconds, the car makes it over and in front of the truck without an accident.

Deckard wrote the following on Facebook, “Passing a fuel truck loaded with 13,000 gallons of fuel 150,000 pounds 120 feet long on the Seward HWY today 😱😬”

A trucker’s dash cam clip has gone viral, showing a motorist risking their life, just to pass his rig.



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