Cattle Truck Smashes Into Ford F-150 Truck

Just a quick lapse of focus and this guy got tangled up in one rough situation.

When this pickup truck attempts to make a u-turn in the middle of nowhere, he fails to check and see if anybody is coming from behind him. Unfortunately for all parties involved, there was and the truck that was gunning down on his 6 was larger than life itself.

Unfortunately, for the truck making the turn, there was nowhere near enough time for the big truck to stop and the result wasn’t pretty. The only thing that makes it palatable is the fact that we know that all parties involved were able to walk away.

Check out the video below that shows this Ford F-150 being t-boned by a semi-truck on dash cam! Hopefully, this video can serve as a friendly reminder for everyone out there to look twice out on the road!



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