Check Out The New Santa’s Ride! Lindberg Bros Snow MONSTER in Action!

Just a couple of guys sitting in their custom snow machine, wishing everybody a merry Christmas. You might wonder what is so special about them? It`s is in fact that they are not in an ordinary snow machine but in a custom BEAST made by their father.

Yeah you heard that right, a BEAST! Driving in this thing will make you feel like you have indeed tamed a wild beast and are currently riding him. Made with a custom engine and a couple Nitrous Oxide canisters right in the back seat, this beast sure likes to ROAR while it goes around on the snow.

The powerful engine sound as well as the sparks flying around you, while you are in it will surely make any bystander green with envy! The only thing I wish is for everyone to be actually able to hear this machine in live since the sensation from doing so will last for quite some time. There is only one way left for you to see and hear for yourself just how big of a punch this beast is packing! And that way is by checking out this amazing video bellow and be amazed by the transformation of a snow machine into a snow BEAST!



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