Check Out How These Thieves Steal a Trans AM W26 In Just a Couple Of Minutes!

How can a Pontiac Trans Am WS6 be stolen in a minute? Professional thieves are just as bad as they seem.

When we talk about thieves, I am sure that we all become frightened. Having you own goods stolen by a completely stranger may transform you into a beast and make you lose faith in ever having to own things safe again.

With all these professional thieves around things are just becoming more and more insecure. Today we have brought a video in which a thief steals a Pontiac Trans Am in just one or two minutes using their own tricks and technics that are just unimaginable to ever think about.
It’s just one of those quite nights when have just parked your car inside your house and are enjoying a movie or just sleeping after a really tiring day and all of a sudden a completely stranger brakes in and your car isn’t your car anymore. This security camera has filmed all the actions the thief has done to make this car his own.

Of course, insurance companies aren’t that generous to just pay about your stolen car just because a thief decided to steal it one day, but the guy in the video was lucky enough to get paid even more than he had spent on the car.

Check it out!



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