Classic Pickup Trucks Line Up For An Exciting Drag Race!

Are you a fan of badass classic pickup trucks? If so, you probably know everything about the amazing Youtube channel called The Fast Lane Truck, where a bunch of awesome hosts showcase fantastic pickups day in and day out.

Still, today, they won’t be talking about any of the latest models. Instead, they’ll focus their attention on something way cooler. We are talking about the three beasts known as the Chevy K10 Big Green, Ford F250 Rusty Boy and Dodgezilla Ram.

All of these wonderful pickups are special in their own right, but today, we’ll find out which is the fastest one in an exciting drag race! While the Chevy has the most power, estimated right around 400hp, it’s safe to say that Ram also has a puncher’s chance, while the Ford, although infinitely cool, is the oldest truck of the trio, and it has an uphill battle ahead.

Either way, this exciting experiment showed some interesting results, to say the least! If you’re interested in finding out which pickup came out on top, click on the video below and enjoy!



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