Cop Yells at This Man Helping Harvey Flood Victims and Says “We Have Had Enough”

Hurricane Harvey has hit Houston Texas with devastating flood water leaving many people homeless and in need of help. Swamp buggies are 9 foot average height and arounf 16 to 18 feet long. These guys have been here in the south east Texas area since thursday morning helping in many areas with many many people who need the help. Not once have these guys had a single complaint. They came down here from illinois on their own dime and time and they were never asked to come to Houston it was the mud family pulling together for a cause that needed them.

Here is an image of a swamp buggy so you can get an idea of why these guys are out helping, they have the perfect rigs for the job!

With the flood waters reaching record highs and homes underwater these massive swamp buggies normally used for tours and exploring are now being used to save lives. From people to animals these guys are out to help whoever whenever. The video below has us concerned as to why this police officer is so angry at the driver of this particular swamp buggy, the rig may not be street legal but considering the dire situation Houston is in it shouldnt matter, it should be about saving people from a disaster.


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