Crazed Man Barrels Down The Road Slamming His Truck Into Wall of Snow!

When you’re least expecting it, sometimes, situations can unfold out there on the roadways that really leave you speechless and most of the time, all that you can do is your best job of explaining it to a bunch of people who probably won’t believe you anyway, especially when something like this happens! In this scenario, we really catch up with something that’s one of those once in a lifetime captures that really leaves you wondering if what you just watched is reality or not.

Well, when this duo saw a Dodge Ram driver maneuvering erratically, the guy riding shotgun pulled out his phone and got to filming to see what the pickup truck driver would do next and the route that he ended up taking would be one that was full of hurt – that’s for sure! It’s not really clear what happened but the momentum here really put this driver in a bad spot to say the least!

In this one, we watch as the driver comes head to head with a red light and plows straight on through it, blasting through the intersection before being hurled into a snow bank and into the air where the truck easily takes down a light pole with its momentum before coming to a halt!

Check out the video below as the action is all captured on camera. We’re not exactly sure what caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle, but we certainly do hope that he ended up being alright! That was one nasty hit that the truck took as you can see by the damage that ensued.



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