Crazy Mechanic Crams a Cummins Turbo Diesel into a 240SX

Several years ago, this build made some huge waves in the automotive community because, at the time, diesel swaps were very rare and for the most part were only reserved for pickup trucks whose owners wanted that trademark diesel torque over the gas burner that came in their truck. This guy decided a 4BT Cummins was the perfect swap for his 240SX and set about making his vision a reality.

The first step was obviously getting rid of the factory power plant and securing an engine for the swap, which came from a bread delivery truck.

There aren’t any real details available as far as modifications done to the engine itself, but the video description does say it’s intercooled, which 4BT’s aren’t from the factory, and it’s built to handle up to 50 PSI, which should push the horsepower levels well into the “get s**t done” range.


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