This Dashcam Video Shows How Police Pulled Over The Wrong Car!

Police Pulled Over Wrong Car!

Hi, Folks! How much do you know about the police officer work? Do you think is stressful and boring? Of course, it is and this video shows it well.Being tired and stressed is the only reason that can describe the mistake our police officers did in this video.Don’t you know yet what am I talking about? Don’t worry you will see it yourself and help us decide if this police officer pulled over the wrong driver or not.We’re sure your opinion will be added at the same opinion all the internet did.They did pull over the wrong driver and this is why!

First, we have to applause the dashcam owner for his sharp eyes detecting this tiny mistake from the video but it’s a huge mistake for the police officer.The car speeding up and breaking the law on the highway was a Challenger a really nice one.A few moments later you can see a Police car chasing him.Until that moment everyone was proud of our police officers but…When the guy with the dashcam on his car reached the place where this car was pulled over something suspicious whispered in his mind.Was it the right Challenger to be pulled over?

The Challenger pulled over was nearly the same as the one being chased by the police but everyone that have seen the video until now is sure that it’s not the same one.Huge distance by the police? Of course, it’s a huge mistake because if you are an innocent guy without breaking any law on the streets why get pulled over in that way?

After the dashcam owner contacted the police saying that he owns a video of this mistake they were not interested but thanks to the internet this video went viral and the guy on the wrong Challenger set free.Check out the video below and see what really happened that day.Share it with your friends and ask for their opinion too. Enjoy!



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