Diesel Ford Truck Rescues Chevy Truck From Ditch

The scene is set at “the ultimate audio meet and greet” out in Mobile, Alabama. When this Chevrolet Avalanche driver tried to leave, he found himself getting a little bit sideways and before he knew it, he would be in a ditch.

This is quite the precarious situation for anybody to be in, but luckily, a good Samaritan in a Powerstroke powered Ford would come to the rescue.

After a couple of attempts to yank the Chevrolet out of the ditch, the Ford would eventually gather enough traction to pull the heavy truck up to safety on the paved surface.

Check out the video below as Thelifeofprice was there to capture the entire scene on camera. We would venture to say that this isn’t something that the Chevy owner will be able to live down any time soon.



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