Diesel Truck Baby Gender Reveal Goes Horribly Wrong… Whoops!

It seems with the advent of social media and sharing every detail of our lives with the world – not being judgmental, I certainly do it as well – everything has become a bigger deal than it used to be. Think about it, before Instagram, did everybody know what you had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Before Facebook, did everybody know what movie you were going to see, where you were going to see it, and with whom? Before Twitter, did anybody know what you thought about that one girl on that one show and how she did that one guy so wrong? Unless you called or texted everybody in your contact list, the answer to each of those is almost certainly “no”.

However, as we let the world into our lives each day, we have this innate tendency to make things look better than they are, right down to how we tell the world if we are having a boy or a girl. My sister recently had a gender reveal party, with a mix of pink and blue decorations and boy-or-girl themed games.



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