We Are in Disbeleif That The Driver Of This Car LIVED!

This is one driver that needs to thank his lucky stars that he is still around to tell the tale of the time he should have died. This is easily among the top few worst crashes we have ever seen, and the fact that the driver survived is truly astonishing.

The footage comes to us from a dashcam riding in the windshield of a big rig on Belgium’s E40 highway. As we’re rolling down the highway, a silver Ford Focus comes into view on the left side of the screen and begins to move across traffic toward the right lane. Sliding into the lane directly in front of the camera, between our rig and another big rig directly ahead. If the driver of the Focus had stayed there for just a few more seconds, things likely would have been okay, but he decided to make one more lane change into the right most lane and things went downhill quickly from there.

What the driver of the compact Ford can’t see is the big rig parked in that lane just ahead, and when he changes lanes, he has no time at all to react to the looming obstacle. He brakes and tries to pull the car back into next lane, but the rapidly closing space runs out and he slams into the back of the trailer, bringing the Focus to an immediate stop in the space of about 5 feet.


As if that weren’t devastating enough, the angle of the impact kicked the Focus right back out into the lane in front of our camera-carrying truck, which is now hurtling toward the wreckage of the Focus with no time to do much more than jump on the brakes. As we all know, big rigs don’t stop on a dime, and with no place to go in either direction, the driver has no option and slams into what’s left of the Focus, scattering pieces of it in every direction. The fact that the driver of the Focus escaped with his life is amazing and a true testament to the safety features of modern cars.


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