This DIY Way To Build Tank Tracks Is Simple And Cheap – Make Your Vehicle An All-Terrain One!

How to make Tank Tracks yourself!

This is the most difficult element for independent production. Tank Track machines play a crucial role in what kind of speed the unit will develop and what will be the coupling with an icy coating. Qualitatively made artisanal caterpillars are able to last for a long time. Most often used to track tires on the vehicle. First, you need to free the tire from the bead, leaving only the flexible track. Now you need to make lugs. It is important to keep the same spacing lug mounting, otherwise, the caterpillar will jump from the rink.

Similarly, the method of making tracks. For their manufacture is necessary to use a conveyor belt, which should be cut, making the optimum length for a homemade unit. It is important to correctly and safely concatenate cut the tape.
Alternatively, for the manufacture of caterpillars can use the V-belts. They are held together by lugs, forming a caterpillar with ready recesses under the gear.

Doing their own hands caterpillars need to consider this caveat: the more the tracks area, the better the unit will pass through the snowdrifts, but the management is worse. In the shops, ready-made products often presented in three versions, with standard tracks, wide and super wide caterpillars.
To simplify your task, instead of self-production, you can purchase the tracks in the store. Thus, you get the opportunity to purchase tracks suitable for the terrain and movement conditions.

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