Dodge CUMMINS Swapped Ford F100 Review! – The Best of Both Worlds?

We love some unusual swaps, and this Ford F100 definitely has one of the more uncommon swaps we’ve seen, and we’re totally on board with it! Thanks to YouTuber ThatDudeInBlue, we join the truck’s builder Kaden (if you’re reading this, David or Kaden, let me know if I have that name wrong please!) who built the truck to quietly stand out from the crowd, a mission we would say he accomplished emphatically.

You’ll notice on Kaden’s cap and on the back window of this F100 the Arclight Fab logo, which should ring the bell of our regular readers. For those have missed it, Arclight is the latest venture for former Gas Monkey Aaron Kaufman, who has a lifelong love for these F100’s.

There are likely some Arclight products on this truck, or maybe he’s just a fan of Aaron’s. Either way, we love to see Kaufman’s new shop getting some love from the gearhead faithful out there.

Getting back to this build, Kaden yanked the stock big block because it got crappy gas mileage and because he wanted something a little outside the box. Kaden and his dad decided to drop in a Cummins out of an ’89 D250 under the hood of the minty green F100.


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