DriveTrive Tackles The 24 Hours Of Nurburgring In The New BMW M4 GT4

The Nurburgring 24 Hours is far from easy. And many drivers consider it more difficult than the Le Mans thanks to the circuit’s huge length, and hundreds of corners, and little runoff.

Now, thanks to the video below, we get to see the race through the perspective of the driver, and experience what the entire day racing at the Green Hell is really like.

Jethro Bovingdon of DriveTribe was able to get the seat in the brand new BMW M4 GT4 factory race car for this event, teaming up with the drivers Ricky Collard, Druk Adorf, and Jörg Weidinger. The BMW M4 GT4 was there to test its new AP racing brake system, and which is still in development.

The BMW M4 GT4, if you remember, is BMW’s latest customer racing offering, featuring the slew of parts from the fantastic road-legal M4 GTS, while implementing the bunch of race-ready features to make it dominant on the track.

With the camera team in tow, Jethro Bovingdon documented the entire experience from start to finish. And the team’s race was far from uneventful, and this video makes for a hell of the watch. Throw on some headphones and take a look.



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