Driving A Car With NO OIL? Guess How This Turned Out!

Although we are confirmed gearheads and love cars, that cannot be said for a lot of people. To many of them, cars are just a means of transportation. There have been lots of accidents that could have been avoided if only that car has been looked after!

This is why we decided to share this interesting video that shows what driving a car with no oil looks like! As the guy in the video puts it, it is like cruelty for cars! Everyone knows when it is time to put fuel, but when it comes to oil, many people forget about it.

Oil has 3 main purposes. First and foremost, it used as a lubricator that lubricates all the moving parts within the car. When it comes to a car with no oil, the moving parts will grind each other and destroy themselves.

Second, oil cleans the rubbish within the cars and is responsible for maintaining proper functioning. Third, oil keeps the engine cool by transferring heat all around it. When there is no oil in the car, the engine heats itself up and it eventually stops working! This guy even goes around asking people how to change oil and the answers will definitely surprise you!



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