Driving Right Up To a Big Tornado Is The Last Thing You Can Do – Extreme Up-Close 360 Degree Video!

Human being will be forever addicted to unallowed things, new situations they can try even if they are dangerous. Fear,for them doesn’t exist.We are sure that you know at least one of this kind of people in your everydaylife. But if I ask you:Will your unfeared guy that you know,drive near the biggest tornado you have seen?

Wray, Colorado saw a massive tornado touch down recently and this couple couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get it on film. You’d think the sight of tractor trailers getting tossed around would deter most folks but not these two.Have they lost their minds completely?You must have a ton of luck while doing this crazy act.The authors of this video has not only steel balls but his fear nerves have died already.


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